RAFT Comments

October 6, 2000

Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
1250 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA 94070-1306

ATTN: Michael Scanlon, Caltrain JPB Staff

Subject: DRAFT Assessment of Electrically Powered Rolling Stock Equipment, August 2000

Mr. Scanlon and Staff:

RAFT, the Regional Alliance For Transit, is pleased with the efforts being made to improve Caltrain through the proposed electrification of the line. We feel that this project, implemented correctly, can completely remake the image and operation of the line.

Rather than repeat what has been noted in the detailed letters from Peninsula Rail 2000 and San Francisco Tomorrow, let it suffice to say that we agree with their thoughtful analysis and support their opinions concerning the draft report.

RAFT wishes that the JPB could make copies of very important documents like this draft available to interested members of the public in a timely manner and in electronic format. We applaud the openness that you (Mr. Scanlon) have brought to the JPB. In the past, especially with the Downtown Extension Project, there has been little or no communication outside of project newsletters. The trust of the interested public was compromised through cloudy documentation of the decision-making process, and outright lies about the findings of preliminary engineering studies.

We see the release of this important document to some members of the public as a strong sign that the JPB is now serious about collaborating with groups that share the vision of Caltrain as the regionšs premier example of public transportation investment.

Please continue your efforts to keep the concerned and informed members of the public involved in the development of Caltrain's modernization.


M. Kiesling
Michael Kiesling
Architecture 21